Membership Drive 2021 is Closed

Thanks everyone for the amazing response to our Membership Drive! We upgraded TONS of current members and onboarded a bunch of new folks too.

If you missed out and are looking to get in on one last opportunity, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll see what we can do to help!

Upgrade from Green to Gold!

Get three years of unlimited* service and some great bonus features for a simple one-time cost. It's transferrable and you'll also lock in today's rate for life. Already a member? We'll get you upgraded without any penalty. 😉
Save on car care!
Cost of Gold Membership
Total value delivered over 3 years
Our End-of-Year Drive is Over! 
† Diesel, synthetic, and large engines will cost a little more. If you drive for Uber, Lyft, etc. base price is higher, addons cost more.

Gold Level Benefits

  • Monthly cost of $13.88. Setup fee of $45 waived
  • Lock in $15/month base price for life
  • Buddy Oil Change+ vouchers to share: Two each year
  • Shop voucher:  $100 per year to spend on anything repair related
  • All existing member benefits
  • You can assign membership to another person or car once a year
Why are we doing this?
After a decade of doing things differently, we want to take it to the next level: investing in our people, upgrading our tooling, and improving infrastructure. All this to give both you and our staff a better experience at our shop.

We don't want to deal with banks. Instead, we're offering a great deal for upfront payment. A good old member drive for the first 500 to sign up. With our limited-edition Gold Membership, you get a lot more for a lot less from now until January 1, 2025.

The Gold Membership Trifecta

Discounted Rate
For the first 3 years, you'll get all the benefits of our $15/month membership for only $13.88. $15 x 36 mo. = $540 value
Price for Life
After the 3 year term, Gold Members get to keep the current $15/month base price for the life of their membership (Membership pricing is slated to increase 20% in early 2022). Priceless
Shop Voucher
On the first of each year, we'll email you a voucher that you can use just like cash on any service or repair not covered by member benefits. (Yes, you can save them up if you want.) $300 value
Give the Gift of Green
Your two buddy Oil Change+ vouchers have no restrictions on use. We want you to share the Green Drop experience, so give them to friends, family, remote co-workers... $480 value
Everything is Covered
Your Car Care Membership covers many of your car's vital maintenance needs.
Unlimited Service
Membership provides unlimited* service: Oil Changes • Safety Inspection • Wiper Replacement • Scan for Trouble Codes • Rotate Tires • Replace Bad Bulbs + Fuses • Replace Engine Air Filter • Top Up Fluids • Free Flat Repair
*Unlimited coverage is based on wear & tear and manufacturer specs, and backed by our good judgment.
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