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Get three years of unlimited* service and some great bonus features for a simple one-time cost. It's transferrable and you'll also lock in today's rate for life. Already a member? We'll get you upgraded without any penalty. 😉
Save over 60% on car care!
Cost of Gold Membership
Total value delivered over 3 years
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This promotion is limited to 750 signups in two price launches:
Early Adopters
sold @ $500
Last Chance
sold @ $575
† Diesel, synthetic, and large engines will cost a little more. If you drive for Uber, Lyft, etc. base price is higher, addons cost more.

Gold Level Benefits

  • Monthly cost of $13.88. Setup fee of $45 waived
  • Lock in $15/month base price for life
  • Buddy Oil Change+ vouchers to share: Two each year
  • Shop voucher:  $100 per year to spend on anything repair related
  • All existing member benefits
  • You can assign membership to another person or car once a year
Bonus: The 3-year plan term officially starts Jan 1, 2022, but you can start using your membership benefits the day you sign up.
Why are we doing this?
After a decade of doing things differently, we want to take it to the next level: investing in our people, upgrading our tooling, and improving infrastructure. All this to give both you and our staff a better experience at our shop.

We don't want to deal with banks. Instead, we're offering a great deal for upfront payment. A good old member drive for the first 500 to sign up. With our limited-edition Gold Membership, you get a lot more for a lot less from now until January 1, 2025.

The Gold Membership Trifecta

Discounted Rate
For the first 3 years, you'll get all the benefits of our $15/month membership for only $13.88. $15 x 36 mo. = $540 value
Price for Life
After the 3 year term, Gold Members get to keep the current $15/month base price for the life of their membership (Membership pricing is slated to increase 20% in early 2022). Priceless
Shop Voucher
On the first of each year, we'll email you a voucher that you can use just like cash on any service or repair not covered by member benefits. (Yes, you can save them up if you want.) $300 value
Give the Gift of Green
Your two buddy Oil Change+ vouchers have no restrictions on use. We want you to share the Green Drop experience, so give them to friends, family, remote co-workers... $480 value
Everything is Covered
Your Car Care Membership covers many of your car's vital maintenance needs.
Unlimited Service
Membership provides unlimited* service: Oil Changes • Safety Inspection • Wiper Replacement • Scan for Trouble Codes • Rotate Tires • Replace Bad Bulbs + Fuses • Replace Engine Air Filter • Top Up Fluids • Free Flat Repair
*Unlimited coverage is based on wear & tear and manufacturer specs, and backed by our good judgment.

Build your membership Plan

Plan Type
Wear and tear from commercial driving changes your cost basis.
I only drive people around for free. My car is used for commercial purposes (business vehicle, Uber / Lyft, Doordash / Postmates / Amazon)
Special Vehicle?
Each of these will add $100 to your initial plan and $3/mo thereafter.
Diesel vehicles require special motor oil. We use OEM-specified oil for every job, including TDI, Powerstroke, and BluTec. Large vehicles that require more than 5 quarts of oil include vehicles like Sprinters, full-size SUVs, and heavy-duty trucks.
Plan Total
$500 for 3 years
(then $15 monthly for the life of your membership)
New Membership
Upgrade Existing
Welcome! We're excited to have you as a part of the Green Drop family.
Upgrading will transfer your existing membership to the Gold Plan, replacing your current membership, and will bill the payment method currently on file. (If you happen to be on a legacy Annual Membership, drop us an email and we can get you upgraded.)
If you'd like to use a different payment method,  or are adding a new vehicle, sign up as a new member and we'll take care of everything else.
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Next Step

Next Step Car Care Membership—Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to these terms and continue the signup process

The Green Drop Next Step Car Care Membership covers all basic maintenance. Only vehicles model year 1996 or newer are eligible for Membership.

All service is performed at manufacturer specified intervals with parts and supplies that meet manufacturer specifications. Unlimited services and consumables replacement based on wear & tear or manufacturer intervals, whichever comes first.

Commitment is for 3 years. Unless 30 days prior notice is given, Gold Membership will auto-renew on January 1, 2025 as a monthly service contract for the amount shown during this onboarding process and is subject to the specific terms of typical membership.

Transfer of plan to another person or vehicle

In case you move or sell your car, the Gold Membership is transferable. After the first year of Gold Membership, you can transfer the membership to another car (yours or a friend's) once per year. Just send us an email before January 1st of the upcoming year and we'll take care of the rest.

A transferred service plan will automatically revert back to you, the initial purchaser, at the end of the year. (If you have another year of Gold, you can give it back to that person, or to another person entirely. Again, just shoot us an email.)

Upon completion of the initial 3-year Gold Membership term, plan permanently reverts to you, the initial purchaser.

No Refunds

You are paying up front to get a great deal and we can't offer refunds. Remember, you can always transfer the Gold Membership benefits to someone else on January 1 of your 2nd and 3rd years of your initial Gold Membership term.

Abuse of Plan

In rare instances abuse of plan, as determined by Green Drop Garage, will result in cancellation of plan. Commercial use of vehicle (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash) on a personal plan may be considered abuse of plan and will require an upgrade to Commercial tier or risk having your plan cancelled.

Most light bulbs covered (limit $30 value). Specialty bulbs and extra labor require additional payment.

Please refer to this document for a detailed outline of conditions and definition of basic maintenance.

I Agree to these terms - Sign Up
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